Single Moms Take Over Father’s Day

When I was looking on Facebook this last Father’s Day I noticed a lot of statuses that went something like this, “Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there AND to all the single moms pulling double duty, doing it all on their own.” I thought this to be an aggressive overreach by the female community. A brazen attempt at taking over what has been up until recently a MALE only celebrated holiday. There is currently a holiday that pays tribute to women with children. It’s called Mother’s Day. It is separate from Father’s Day. The two are not combined, linked or interchangeable. They are simply holidays celebrating the role played by a male or female parent.greatmom

It’s like this, if you’ve ever taken an IQ test online you may have noticed a question that goes like this…”If Moops are Doops, but Doops are not Foops, What are Coops?” These questions because of their similarity are meant to confuse. They associate similar names and they are perfect examples of a situation where you may be confused about which is which. Here is another example, “Fathers Day and Mothers Day are not the same day.” You may have noticed both holidays share the word “day” at the end of them. I think this is what confuses women. So I did some research on holidays whose titles end with the word Day. On Columbus Day for example I did not see any statuses saying the following, “Happy Columbus Day everyone and to all single moms out there Happy Columbus Day as well!” This perplexed me because I was expecting women to put their stamp on Columbus Day but they chose not to. So after studying the rest of the days I noticed the same pattern. This phenomenon was specific to Father’s Day. Understanding this I knew I would have to assume this was intentional and not by female error.

So I considered the motive behind someone taking over another person’s holiday and using it to promote themselves. Do they want presents? Attention? Sympathy? Pity? The answer, Yes. They want all those things. You will never see a man put “Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there and to all the single dads pulling double duty.” The reason for this is because most men understand the context of the holidays. They can see there is a difference in the two holidays that celebrates both roles in parenting. If a Mom is a bad mom we don’t say Happy Mother’s Day to her. We also don’t mention her counterpart, the male if he is a good father on Mother’s Day to make up for her deficiencies as a Mother. There’s no reason to mention him on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is not for “Great Dads” whose children have a shitty mom.

So why do women, especially single moms feel the need to take over Father’s Day and make that holiday about themselves? Well other than the obvious reasons of them being low self-esteemed individuals who need constant attention and reassurance there is currently NO OTHER REASON. Women who do this sort of thing are doing it not to praise other single moms. They are doing it to draw attention to themselves, their situation. They want pity, affection, appreciation, admiration and whatever other stimulus to get them through their day. If they themselves were in a stable relationship, not closely associated with another single mom, they wouldn’t feel the self serving need to point out their greatness. They instead would focus on celebrating the holiday for Fathers only. Saying Happy Father’s Day and not pointing out all the great single moms is what most people do on Father’s Day. Most people understand the purpose of the holiday. They don’t look at it as an opportunity to push their own personal agendas. And no matter their excuses to the contrary, their intentions are self serving. Let’s assume men were this moronic and they pointed out all the great dads on Mother’s Day. What would be the purpose of that do you think? Do you think they would be sincere about their Mother’s Day wishes or more concerned with how people perceive them as fathers?

So if you were to analyze this further you would come to the conclusion I have. That single moms who practice this hostile takeover of Father’s Day are suffering from low self-esteem. Celebrating great parents on their respective holidays doesn’t take away from the other parents. They are not secure enough in themselves, their parenting, their overall lifestyle to not point out how great they are even if that action has nothing to do with the original intention of something. It’d be like going through the drive-thru at McDonalds and when prompted to give your order you scream out “I am not fat!” Now why would you do that? You’d feel some pressure to. You’d feel an insecurity that you’d need to overcompensate for. It’s like a woman who has sex on the first date. She feels the need to point out to her partner that she “Never really does this.” She doesn’t want her partner to think she’s a whore. She realizes this situation makes her look “easy” and it’s her insecurities that make her say that. So apply that same kind of logic to why a woman would feel the need to trumpet how great she is. ‘Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there and to all the single moms pulling double duty!” Most of the women that said this were themselves single moms. They weren’t secure in their own parenting to just let the holiday celebrate men. They felt compelled to point out their own accomplishments.

The only other possible motivation for this is if they really hate men. That they hate men so much that they don’t want any of them to have any admiration. Still though, that would stem from insecurities within. The secure person never feels a need or urge to promote themselves. They instead let their actions speak for them. The single mom that is pulling “double duty”, acting as both parental roles which is impossible but that’s for another day, is themselves secure enough to celebrate Father’s Day just for Fathers. So whether it is with great hate or a great deep seeded insecurity that these women feel the need to take Father’s Day away from men. My advice to these women who will more than likely read this and just react with hostility *(not a surprise that a low self-esteemed individual would react aggressively to confrontation) is to just celebrate your accomplishments as a parent on Mothers Day. Just be extra appreciative of those women around you. If you’re a great mother you don’t need Father’s Day. It has literally NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It’s not De Facto Mother’s Day for super great moms like you! It’s still just Father’s Day. So just shut up, get back on Facebook and post some more pictures of yourself at the bar while your kids sit at your parents house. 🙂


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