Trayvon Martin’s pack of “Skittles” to take the stand Monday

Monday, the start of July will mark the start of the prosecution’s other star witness testimony. The prosecution has decided to call the package of “skittles” that was found near the body of Trayvon Martin. A source close to the prosecution has leaked us the questions & responses that are prepared for Monday. The testimony that Skittles will give is sure to blow shock waves through the nation.


Skittles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The murder of Trayvon Martin has been very hard for a Black Community that is not used to losing it’s youth to gun violence. “Just by their reaction of shock and utter outrage it’s hard to imagine they’ve ever dealt with anything like this before”, commented one of the spectators of this case. “I know that when the Black Community experiences a tragedy, they never jump to conclusions. They never point the finger. They’re always looking inward, introspectively to see if they could’ve done more to prevent it. It appears this would be the first time to date they’ve seen no other outcome to how things played out in Trayvon’s death”, he added.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The death of 12 year old Trayvon Martin, seen here in this up to date picture taken of him wearing a Hollister shirt portrays the young scholar doing what he loved most…..LIVING. “Trayvon loved to live. Boy that kid just loved breathing and being alive. When this Zimmerdevil killed him, he destroyed that boy’s whole world of just existing”, commented a close family friend of Martin. Friends and family of Trayvon say Trayvon had plans of living well into his 20’s before being gunned down over a pair of Puma’s or something. It’s just so hard to imagine a 12 year old dying 17 years into their life but Trayvon was no ordinary teen. Those who didn’t know Trayvon personally recall him as “A young kid just getting a tea and skittles before he was raped and murdered by George Bush Zimmerman!” Others recall a gentle soul that loved to play violin and ride skateboards at a local shelter where he donated his time to help save kittens.

An entire community reshaped by violence it has never experienced before is about to learn more according to sources close to the case when Trayvon’s pack of Skittles is called to testify what it saw. “Skittles isn’t very educated & he can only mumble incoherently a few words that you won’t be able to understand. But luckily for all of us we have a letter he wrote with the assistance of a linguist except only 90% of the population will be able to read it because it’s done in the ancient art of cursive. Skittles won’t be able to read this letter or really recall accurately or with any degree of certainty it’s contents. But let’s be clear, that has nothing to do with it’s authenticity as it was made with Skittles present”, commented Lead Prosecutor, Attorney Bernie De La Rionda.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The letter written in the ancient script has been translated by someone with a fourth grade reading level and it’s contents were leaked by a source today. In the letter, Skittles recalls George Zimmerman arriving in a white Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard outfit wielding a gun with the engraved words “BLACK DEATH” on the barrel. It goes on to say that after Zimmerman senselessly shot Trayvon while he was praying for the safety of children everywhere, Zimmerman urinated on his body. The letter goes on for about 23 pages listing step by step the cold calculated way in which Zimmerman stalked his prey. This will surely come as a deathblow to the defense which has labored hard on the insane idea that Trayvon was in some ways a “thug” teen. The defense points to a few photos of Trayvon that are shown of the 12 year old at the age of 17. The photos depict him as older and without preppy clothes on. This picture of Trayvon doing the “Peace” sign with his middle fingers and thumbs has been misrepresented by the defense as him giving everyone the middle finger. It’s obvious to anyone who views the pictures that Trayvon was obviously giving two PEACE signs up for all of humanity.


In this 2nd picture Trayvon is depicted with a mouth full of Gold teeth. Something the defense says is gang related and a trademark of thug culture in today’s inner city youth. But it’s clear to most everyone that his Gold teeth were really just a reminder to all that Trayvon had a heart of Gold.


I think it’s clear to everyone that views these misrepresentations that the Defense is hell bent on destroying the reputation of a young 12 year old angel and replacing it with a 17 year old thug kid who was on vacation because he was suspended from school. It’s obvious Trayvon would never do anything like that. Just look at that face….Do you really think someone so cute could ever do anything bad???



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