IRS Targets Tea Party, Conservatives & One Black Guy

IRS Targets Tea Party, Conservatives & One Black Guy

IRS Targets Tea Party, Conservatives & One Black Guy

Washington, DC

In what is being called one of the biggest stories in the entire history of the World The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has admitted a “rogue few” of it’s employees participated in discriminatory acts. In the initial investigation the IRS had admitted to targeting Tea Party members & Conservatives for intense audits. So intense that they were questioning them about personal issues normally unrelated to anything in the tax code. In some of the cases they denied them exemption status because of their political views. This would be the first time knowingly that the IRS has ever discriminated against anyone for their political views. Normally they just discriminate based on everything else, sex, race, age, employment status, religious beliefs, income, etc.

More shocking is the fact that the IRS released more information about someone else they targeted. The person described in the report was “some black guy” but was later identified as President Barack Obama. The IRS admitted to targeting the President by sending him educational materials that would help him “save money on his taxes.” They also targeted him with special exemptions for his religious beliefs. Stating in the report: “We exempted him from paying any taxes on his gifts from donors because he’s a damn Muslim for Allah’s sake.” The fact that the President is a Muslim wouldn’t normally exempt him from this but the IRS insisted this was part of their harassment. “We harassed the hell out of this guy! We kept auditing him until he had so many exemptions he was practically the POPE!” The IRS Commissioner explained.

The other groups involved say their targeting was much worse & that in a lot of cases where they would be getting a refund they were forced to pay back more in taxes. When Conservatives pointed out the disparity between their audits and the Presidents as being completely the opposite the IRS called them “Racist bigoted homophobes who live off the life force of their hatred for anyone not white or straight.” The IRS later apologized to democrats who may have heard those comments and been enraged to the point of picketing.


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