If You’re Planning To Be Abducted This Summer…Stay Away From CLEVELAND!

Cleveland, OH

If you’re just in the mood to go out for one of those late night long walks, a weekend away without telling anyone or if you’re finally ready to meet “Terry” off Match.com make sure none of these take place in Cleveland, Ohio. Because Cleveland’s police force will have little to no interest in finding you after your imminent abduction takes place. See, yesterday three women were found alive after they were abducted about 10 years ago by some messed up brothers. The brothers who are now all in their 50’s had managed to half ass elude all law enforcement on their way through a solid decade of rape & beatings. None of which the Cleveland Police Dept. had any interest in.3brothers

You see a few years ago the Police were called on several occasions about the house. These calls ranged from “Hey the house next door has some naked lady screaming & crawling on all fours in the backyard.” to “Hey that creepy house across the street has plastic bags on all the windows.” There was even a call to them stating: “The house has had someone banging on the doors from the inside screaming.” So the cops showed up & did what most cops would do……Nothing. Nope, they didn’t even ask to enter the house to check it out. In fact they left one time because no one even answered. Great police work! So pretty much Cleveland has to be the worst place known to man to be abducted in. Most abductions end 2 ways. 1. The person or people being abducted are usually found in a field somewhere. OR 2. They don’t find them at all. Abductions stories never have a happy ending because it always ends with the abductors killing their victims. They usually kill them when the cops are hot on their trail or they think they can’t get away with it. But in Cleveland apparently you can get away from it for a damn decade until some knucklehead pedestrian actually saves the day. So on second thought, maybe Cleveland is the best place to be abducted in. I mean at least your abductors will feel at ease there. Not having to worry about being pestered by those annoying police officers & detectives. Then again, that depends on what you’re definition of a happy ending is. You can A. Get raped & beaten for 10 years straight losing all hope or you can B. Get raped a couple times & then murdered & thrown in a field. I guess it just depends on your outlook.

But if you’re these girl’s families you have to be like “FUCK THA POLICE” right? I mean they went to the house years ago. YEARS AGO!!! This would’ve all been over if they did something more than just knock on the front door. Ya know, like actual police work. Like get a warrant, watch the house, start a file and/or case file on the house. Put a post it note on your cop fridge at home reading: Hey if you’re not busy the next 10 years, check out that creepy ass house with all the weird complaints.” Any one of these ideas would’ve been better than the bread & butter of the Cleveland Police….KNOCK, LISTEN, LEAVE. That should be their motto on the side of the squad cars. “Knock, Listen, Leave”…That way everyone knows that the cops are out there knocking, listening, then leaving. Basically to be a Cleveland Cop all you have to do is have some experience in selling tupperware door to door. Or if you ever held a fund raiser for your kids tee ball team you could probably be a cop on the streets of Cleveland right now.

I feel sorry for these 3 women. The absolute horror their lives had to be knowing that every day no matter what they did the cops would be Cleveland’s finest standing on the other side of the door. I don’t know what’s worse. Getting raped, beaten up or completely ignored by the only people who can and are supposed to be saving you. I think it would still probably be being raped.

I guess now the families of the victims are considering suing the City of Cleveland for negligence. I would go outside the city of Cleveland for a lawyer if I were them. It just may be something in the water out there. I don’t know.


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